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What does Fleet Telematics mean to your Business?

Posted on September 1, 2015 · Posted in fleet tracking software, GPS Tracking, Telematics

Defining Fleet Telematics can be a challenge

Sean Kimbrough September 1, 2015

Telematics is one of those terms meaning one thing completely different to every person you ask. Some think about GPS

fleet following to be a telematics resolution whereas others can say it’s rather more comprehensive than that.

The answer, naturally, is that each square measure correct – that doesn’t facilitate a lot of, does it?

Wikipedia defines telematics as, “an interdisciplinary field encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering (sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications, etc.), and computer science (multimedia, Internet, etc.).”  Then, they continue to feature a complete section  named “Practical Applications of Vehicle Telematrics” describing 11 specific areas of interest. Still a lot of information to facilitate what is really shaping fleet telematics.

For us at EquipTrac, we feel a more comprehensive approach is how telematic solutions should be defined, but instead of putting a definition to it, the most important thing to realize is how the various features and devices will provide your business the ultimate results you require.

Several companies indicate to us they want a simple fleet tracking solution. They want to follow their trucks online and know where they have been throughout the day. After discussing concerns and needs with fleet managers, we have figured out they are also interested in additional features a fleet telematric system can offer.

Analysing  Driver Behavior

Driver behavior can provide your company huge benefits. Not only do you understand driver’s daily activity, but you can use that data to decrease fuel consumption and increase safety. Being alerted to harsh breaking, excessive idling, and speeding, allows you to notify your drivers instantly, cutting down on unnecessary and unsafe behavior.

 Reliable Time Reporting

Does your company have drivers starting their time-card from their house when their shift begins? Historically, managers had to rely on drivers to be honest on their “clock in/clock out” time reporting.  By implementing a fleet management solution to track the vehicle and create a geofence around their house, you can automatically receive a notification when they leave home and when they return, leaving no question as to when their day begins and ends.

Improve Routing

A well used benefit of fleet tracking is maximizing route efficiency. By analyzing driver routes, fleet managers can determine most direct routes based on time of day and daily traffic conditions. This benefit alone can save enough money in time efficiency to offset the cost of a telematics system.

So, the answer to ‘What is telematics?’ isn’t as simple as one sentence statement. In most cases it doesn’t even matter as long as you’re working with a supplier to develop an answer that meets your concerns, needs and delivers your required business outcomes.

EquipTrac works with several GPS device manufactures offering a several choices to meet your company needs along with a feature rich SaaS platform offering custom reports, alerts and live vehicle tracking. Contact us with your needs and we’ll see about delivering an affordable solution.