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Thank You Bob Ward Jr Equipment Co

Posted on June 17, 2016 · Posted in GPS Tracking

EquipTrac Would Like To Recognize Bob Ward Jr Equipment Co. – Our First Commercial Customer!


I called on Bob Ward Jr Equipment Co. as a cold call, even though i had called on them years ago to try to buy/sell some heavy equipment, marketing our equipment GPS Tracking devices. Janice answered the phone and gave me Bob III’s email address recommending I send him an email, which i did. Not knowing he was displeased with his current GPS provider, he called back that same afternoon.

On the phone, we discussed their current issues with their current provider. A primary pressure point was the level of service they were getting, I let him know I was starting out in the GPS business, any customer service concerns would go directly to me for resolution. That seemed to gain immediate traction.

Bob III also told me of the poor device quality from his current provider. When they need to remove a device from equipment, it usually pulls the cover off leaving the main part of the device to pull off separately…frustrating.

They had 5 devices needing renewal with the other provider. I was suggesting try 1-2 units to “test” the product. That’s when Bob Jr chimed in from his office. He called both of in and asked me a few questions. He thought about it for a few minutes then suggested why not just buy 5 devices and try them out? Bob Jr looked at his son, Bob III, and said “Let’s do it”. As they say…the rest is history.

I happened to bring my box of devices with 4 already to go. The 5th was easy to set up, I borrowed a small Phillips screwdriver to insert the SIM card and DONE!

Here is the woman who made the magic happen…Jackie with Bob Ward Jr.

Bob Ward Jr and Jessica