Tracking Software

Tracking / Fleet Management Software

EquipTrac service consists of a GPS device installed on the asset along with web based desktop plus mobile application for 24/7/365 worldwide access. The data of vehicle operation sent by the GPS device is reflected in real-time tracking and reporting. For additional functionality, the system can be integrated with other devices and connections to monitor fuel consumption, remote fuel cutoff, and driver behavior. Click the button below to take a free test ride of the software to explore the usefulness and features




follow  Following

Online visual depiction on the map of vehicle location, length of stopping, and speed.

 fuel  Fuel control

Additional fuel monitor installed into the fuel tank of the truck will provide you with real-time information about the amount of fuel in the tank, average consumption, and fueling and discharging events.

reports  Reports

More than 20 reports about fleet operation in various cross-sections. Route history, visited places, filled vouchers, and performance of working hours are only some features.

warnings  Warnings

Automatically generated and sent (to e-mail or by SMS txt) warnings will save you time and make the work more effective. There are 15 types of warnings available in the system. For example, exceeding the speed of the vehicle, entering a particular place, failure to comply with working hours, or approaching the end of insurance validity.

2015-08-21_195047  Behavior analysis

Driver behavior analysis tools allow you to monitor rapid acceleration, aggressive driving and idle times.

2015-08-21_195058  Graphical data reading

Remote digital graphical data reading and DDD file download.