INCLUDED FREE with purchase of each device:

Desktop, iPhone & Andorid APP Software

SIM card with 1.75 mb / mo. data usage

OBDII GPS vehicle tracking deviceEquipTrac OBDII vehicle tracking device $269.50 ea.

1. Easy installation,plug-n-play. Does not require professional installation

2. OBDII standard connector. OBD port required on vehicles manufactured after 1986

3. Supports vehicle positioning and tracking.

4. Analyse driver behavior, set geofence / speeding / hard braking alerts

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TK116 GPS Tracking DeviceEquipTrac TK119 vehicle tracking device $209.50 ea.

1. Waterproof construction. Requires professional installation

2. Built-in battery backup, power disconnect, low battery alarms

3. GEOFence, speed shift, collision, falling alarms.

4. Supports fuel cutoff, load sensor, vibration options

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EquipTrac personal GPS trackerEquipTrac GPT06 personal tracker $219.00 ea.

1. GPS precise positioning with A-GPS, uploaded by GPRS, supports real-time tracking and history track playback.

2. Supports multiple alarm, built-in acceleration sensor with vibration, collision and falling alarm, GEO-Fence alarm .

3. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, low battery alarm, LED flashlight, waterproof and dustproof, vehicle/ individual /pet usage are applicable

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Personal wrist tracker on wristEquipTrac Personal Wrist Tracker $269.50 ea.

1. Two way communication, one key dial family number, one key dial emergency, Perfect for children, seniors, outdoor enthusiasts

2. Geofence, low battery, speeding, alarms

3. GPS precise positioning and uploaded by GPRS regularly, Supports real-time tracking and history track playback.


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