Data Usage

Data Usage Requirements

By now you have probably have heard the term “big data” through news, social media or business dealings. It also refers to another newly coined term, the “Internet of Things” (IoT). With electronic devices operating everything from household appliances to robotic manufacturing, the engine that drives those electronics and robots is data. Another way to think about it, data is how electronic devices “talk” to each other, just like cellular phones. When we use cell phones to communicate with each other, either via voice, text or internet, that information is turned into a digital format and transmitted. That is what’s considered “data”. Communication providers bill customers based on the amount of information (data) transmitted on a monthly basis.

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How to estimate your monthly data needs.

EquipTrac’s app, installed in our devices, uses very little data. Each upload uses 100 bytes. If you set the track interval on the device to 10 minutes, each day, you will have 144 uploads. Let’s assume tracking all 24 hours, or 14.4 KB at most. Over a month, you will use 432 KB. If you want to upload data every 5 minutes, you will use double the amount of data, or 864 KB; upload every minute and usage will be 4.32 MB’s.

EquipTrac installs preloaded SIM cards with 1.750 MB’s in each tracking device and includes the first year of service. After estimating your monthly usage and determine you need more monthly data, EquipTrac offers 1 MB / month increases for $2.00 billed annually first year. If you decide to increase your plan within the first 60 days of service, EquipTrac will pro rate the additional funds for no additional fee. If, after 60 days, you decide to increase your monthly data, EquipTrac will charge $15.00 fee in addition to the pro rated amount.

Second and subsequent years of data service, EquipTrac offers 2 payment options:

  1. Annual discounted payment – $84 Standard Plan
  2. Monthly full payment – $10 Monthly Standard + additional $2 / MB

EquipTrac does not require annual contracts for service and does not charge cancellation fees.


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