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OBDII GPS trackerOBDII GPS vehicle tracking device

OBD GPS Tracker “Plug N Play”


Security of vehicle from theft | Easy installation,plug-n-play | Alerts and alarms in case of vehicle misuse or mishaps | Keeping account of effective usage of business resources |Included iPhone and Andorid APP Software | Easy online tracking and through mobile phones and any internet connected device | OBDII standard connector  | CE FCC E-mark Qualified

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Product Description

EquipTrac offers OBD GPS Tracker devices designed to provide an exceptional solution to help streamline and provide robust yet user-friendly fleet management services. We specialize in offering high quality products that are manufactured using premium quality raw materials. EquipTrac provides solutions to all kinds of GPS and vehicle tracking needs, standard and innovative products both are our forte. We have a wide classification of products like hardware installation, software solutions, GPS trackers for car, GPS tracker OEM for personal vehicle tracking, Fleet management etc.

All devices include 1 year data plan (1.750 mb per month), FREE one time increase, $24.00 / MB / Year (pro rated) 

Product Features

Easy installation,plug-n-play.
OBDII,OBD2 standard connector
CE FCC E-mark Qualified
Included iPhone and Andorid APP Software

Cars Diagnostic System
1.Supports quad bands, i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal in the world.
2.Easy to install, connect the OBD interface to work.
3.Supports single positioning and feedbacks position via GPRS at setting times. 4.Supports vehicle positioning and tracking.
5.Vehicle status and speed from OBD data is better than ACC.
6.Vehicle collision, falling alarm by SMS/Platform (optional).

Installing the OBDII-GPS
Once the OBDII connector has been located, all that is required is to plug the OBDII-GPS into the connector. Once you turn the ignition of the vehicle on, the small lights on the unit will blink. During your first installation, you will need to give the OBDII-GPS unit a minimum of 15 minutes fully initialize.



  • Vibration Alarm(Optional)
  • Collision / falling Alarm(Optional)
  • Speed Alarm
  • Geo-fence Alarm
  • Power disconnect Alarm
  • SOS Alarm(need SOS Cable)


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