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Preventing Fuel Theft From Company Fleet Vehicles

Posted on September 12, 2016 · Posted in Efficiency


Fueloyal, The Leader In Preventing Fuel Theft and Cost Savings
Fueloyal can help your business save on its fuel cost. Do you own or manage a business with a fleet of vehicles? Does your fleet consist of 2 or more vehicles? Is the company responsible for all the fuel related cost? Do you wish there was a way to cut your fuel related expenses? If you answered yes to these questions then perhaps it is time to consider the Fueloyal Smart Fuel Cap.

It can be hard enough to operate a business in today’s environment without having to try and figure out ways to cut unnecessary cost. Some might even find it a bit overwhelming at times. There are so many different issues to contend with. As a business owner, or member of management, not only do you need to contend with the competition, which can mean bidding jobs at a lower rate, or making it harder to attract customers. There are all the overhead costs (both front and back end), everything from operational expenses to staffing. You also have the ever-changing governmental regulations to keep up with, along with the regulatory and law enforcement agencies whose job it is to enforce them. Not to mention equipment, maintenance, insurance, and etc.

This is all enough to make one’s head feel like exploding. And as we all know that isn’t even everything, just the tip. What else could there be? Let’s just say enough that it could be it’s own article. However, the one issue we must address is shrinkage and loss to contend with: in simple terms, theft. This is one of the major factors that can cut into a company’s profit quicker than anything.

It is a proven fact that the majority of theft is actually done within the company. Meaning an employee is stealing from the company they work in/for. External theft usually only accounts for about 20 percent of loss, merchandise can ‘fall’ off the back of a truck and inventories can be short. This can be a mistake, human errors, but more than likely they are not. These can be traced and monitored. But what about other expenses? – Like the money lost from fuel theft?

That’s right. Fuel theft. It is not uncommon for company employees to take advantage of their fuel card privileges. Instead of purchasing fuel for their assigned company vehicle they might fill their own private vehicle’s tank, or fill an external container. A few dollars here or there might not seem like much but it adds up. Also syphoning gas from vehicles while they parked for extended periods of time is very common. Someone who is not associated with your organization can do this but a lot of times an employee or with other words ‘insider’ is the one with the long hands.

That is where Fueloyal can help!

What Is Fueloyal?

Fueloyal is an American run company based out of Bloomingdale Illinois (close to the Chicago area). We were formed with the primary goal of cutting fuel cost and creating innovative means to stop excessive fuel use and prevent fuel misuse within the commercial transportation and related industries. Basically, Fueloyal is preventing fuel theft from company fleet vehicles.

As stated earlier, anyone who has run a business knows there are many cost associated with its operations. Some cost are harder to control than others. Rent, utilities, insurances, and perhaps even salaries offer limited control. Cost for equipment and maintenance of it can be hard to control. But there are areas that one can control, if the proper measures are in place.

That is where Fueloyal can help. We created a patented and proprietary integrated software and hardware solution that actually can help control cost. We do this by preventing the misuse and theft of fuel from the fleet vehicles, when using our state of the art Smart Fuel Cap System.

Fueloyal locking cap


There are two factors that are hard to control or are just part of the business. When you have a fleet of vehicles, which must run routes, the miles will add up. The cost of fuel can fluctuate from an average of around two dollars a gallon to over four dollars, nationwide (depending on availability, seasons, and other factors). So what is one to do? How is it that Fueloyal can help control this?

Well, of course we can’t control per barrel price of crude oil and we don’t dispatch your trucks to use the most direct route. But what Fueloyal does is ensure that the fuel your driver purchases not only goes into the tank, it stays there. How, you ask?

Well if your organization was to use our patented Fueloyal Smart Fuel Cap instead of the factory supplied fuel cap this would be possible. Fueloyal’s built in flow sensor smart fuel cap ensures the driver is actually putting the full purchased amount of fuel into the fuel tank. This can be verified by matching the Fueloyal system with the gas receipt. Furthermore, it is a do it yourself installation and due to our patented anti siphoning protection it is impossible for anyone to draw it back out.



So How Could This Be Of Benefit?

Think about it, most people are honest. But if given the opportunity many will find ways to get a little extra. So if your driver purchases 200 dollars worth of fuel but only puts 180 in the tank while the rest goes in his/her personal tank. Then the company just lost 20 dollars. If you have 20 drivers who all were to do this, then you’re looking at 400 hundred dollars! Now think if on average they were to do this twice a month for an entire year. (400 times 2 equals 800 times 12 equal 9600 dollars).

Can your company afford to lose almost 10,000 dollars a year? For most businesses the obvious answer is no. Besides, you know as well as I do that is a conservative figure. Truth to be told that number can (and most likely is) a lot higher. That doesn’t take into consideration your driver sitting at a rest stop; catching some much needed rest, while a stranger siphons their tank dry.

Just Google ‘gas theft’ and you’ll see numerous reports over the years of truckers and others being targeted. They target truckers while stopped, often leaving them out in the middle of nowhere without even enough fuel to make it to the next stop!

That is where Fueloyal can help.



Who can benefit from Fueloyal’s products?

Any size business with a fleet of large vehicles that require the use of official funds. The purchases of which must be monitored, regulated and/or controlled to aid in reducing cost.

• Government agencies, which operate fleet vehicles, requiring the need to control excessive cost, related to fuel expenses.
• Any transportation company that has a fleet of vehicles that needs to have their fuel consumption regulated and monitored.
• Basically, any organization that has vehicles.

The idea behind Fueloyal is very simple. Your company can monitor when and how the fuel is used. Also the system is designed to prevent fuel theft (by the driver or other culprit). By eliminating unaccounted for loss, the company will see reduced cost. Our integrated system is designed to be user friendly, simple to operate, easy to install, but most importantly to be cost effective.




Fueloyal has developed a state of the art system to help your business cut an expense that is controllable. Money lost on improperly tracked and misused fuel cards. Until recently it has been impossible to verify whether the fuel purchased on the card was actually used to run your fleet vehicles.

Before Fueloyal, a company would need to review receipts and match them with mileage calculations, compare with vehicle logs, and hope all your employees were honest. Though a vast majority might be, there are enough bad apples in any organization. These are the ones who cost the company money, which could be used to purchase better equipment, conduct better maintenance, or even offer better salaries.
However that has all changed:

• The Fueloyal system will end fuel theft and fuel card misuse by company employees.
• The Fueloyal system prevents thieves from syphoning fuel out of your fleet’s fuel tanks.
• The Fueloyal system is design for all Class 8 trucks.
• The device is designed to fit on all makes and models.
• Everything is integrated (both the software and hardware) and user friendly.
• Easy install, requires no vehicles to be out of service, requires no special technicians, require no modifications to the existing fuel tank.
• Cloud based system can be accessed and managed from any approved system.
• Installations take no more then 30 seconds!



Fueloyal truly does eliminate fuel card misuse and fuel theft (by both internal and external elements). Our innovative system can truly save you thousands each year. If you are like most businesses, you can find better ways to spend your company money than by allowing it to simply be syphoned away.

What are the next steps?

If you want to reduce cost then contact us today to set-up an appointment. We can work around your busy schedule and we can handle you fleet regardless of its size. You can visit the website to learn more, drop us an email, or give us a call. We are eager to assist you. Just contact us today.

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