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Lower Operating Cost with Fleet Tracking Software

Posted on August 26, 2015 · Posted in fleet tracking software

Using Fleet Tracking Software to Reduce Operational Costs

Sean Kimbrough August 26, 2015

Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet Tracking Software

Today’s fleet tracking desktop or mobile software give various advantages that make fleet administration less demanding than at any other time in recent history. All the more important, they give clear responses to the business’ greatest difficulties by helping operations management lower expenses and enhance operational execution.

Answers for Major Challenges

Engaged by GPS-based software, fleet managers appreciate all that they have in order to tackle some of their most toughest issues.


These include some of the following issues:

Issue: Soaring fuel costs

Solution: By tracking idle times, fleet tracking software advances lower fuel expenses identified with unnecessary driving.

Issue: Excessive vehicle wear and tear

Solution: fleet tracking solutions lead to enhanced dispatching and directing, cutting down on pointless mileage and sitting without moving, lowering the requirement for parts replacement.

Issue: Unacceptable delivery times

Solution: Optimized directions, using tracking software, satisfy more clients bringing them back for more business.

Issue: Out-Of-Sight Insurance premiums

Solution: By giving administrators expanded oversight over driving conduct, tracking software can promote fewer moving violations. Enhanced driving directions decreases driver diversion and brings down the danger of expensive mishaps and obligation issues.

Issue: Too much overtime

Solution: By cutting down on road time, fleet software can get rid of unnecessary extra time. They likewise bring about speedier administration times, permitting drivers to tackle more tasks.

Issue: Unexpected downtime

Solution: Armed with convenient motor diagnostics, administrators have the capacity to streamline support and arrange key repairs before they advance into badly arranged breakdowns.

A Far-Reaching Impact

Fleet tracking software gives operation managers the ability to enhance efficiencies and lower expenses. EquipTrac’s industry-driving GPS fleet software gives an abundance of key instruments, including motor diagnostics, resource tracking, geofences, satellite coverage, roadside help, and several information rich reports. By using these effective tools, supervisors and managers have the capacity to upgrade everything from remote operations and field service to office administration and vehicle maintenance. Operations managers can tap into EqipTrac’s fleet tracking system as a repository of information with a simple to-utilize online dashboard utilizing a portable workstation, cell phone or tablet.


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