Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking Devices

Posted on June 22, 2016 · Posted in GPS Tracking

Does your business require Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking Devices?

Heavy construction equipment is an expensive investment ranging from $5,000 to $750,000 or more per unit. Protecting that investment through GPS location tracking is just as important as regular maintenance. For equipment rental companies, it becomes mandatory to locate, track each piece of equipment in inventory.

Two important features to consider are:

  1. Device Durability – installing a device not intended for outdoor use can shut it down within weeks. Motor graders, excavators and bulldozers take some serious abuse on job sites. Installing a device on the outside of a machine can get knocked off the machine, malfunction due to water or heat exposure, taken off by thieves/employees.
  2. Device Construction – cheap GPS tracking devices attached together by plastic clips can easily come apart when removing for service or machine swap. Typically, once a plastic case is opened, reattached several times it stops being effective. Then a roll duct tape should be near by.

Optimum location of installing heavy equipment GPS tracking device is in the cab area. Does your tracking device come with enough of a wiring harness to allow installation in a safe secure location? That’s a thought of consideration when selecting a device, as well.

Keep Calm and Call EquipTrac!

TK116 GPS Tracking DeviceEquipTrac’s TK119 GPS device casing is sealed with screws, both the main body and the SIM card cover. TK119 has a IP67 waterproof rating allowing operation up to 1 meter underwater along with dust-proof certification. Included is 4′ wiring harness and fuel cutoff relay.

We work with our customers to make sure our equipment GPS tracking devices are the right solution to solve our customer’s problems.