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GPS Vehicle Trackers “For Truckers Only”

Posted on April 27, 2016 · Posted in GPS Tracking

EquipTrac is excited to offer “For Truckers Only” special pricing on 2 of our GPS Vehicle Trackers

  • Are you an OTR trucker who spends days at a time away from home and family?
  • Do you worry about the safety of your family while you are on the road, 1,000’s of miles away?
  • If your vehicle was stolen or family carjacked, do you want to be able to help law enforcement?
  • Do you want to keep up with whereabouts of your wife/girlfriend/teenage drivers?

As an OTR trucker, your ability to provide for your family demands you spend days, if not weeks, away from your family and loved ones. So much happens in that time away that you are unable to be there, help out, experience your families daily activities like watching children grow up, special occasions, protection from harm. If you worry about the safety of your family while you are on the road, EquipTrac is offering a small piece of mind “For Truckers Only”.

If you worry about the protection of your wife, girlfriend, teenage children while they are driving, visiting others, running errands, EquipTrac’s GPS Vehicle Tracking devices can give you 24/7 access via website portal for desktops and smart phones so you know exactly where your family/vehicle is located – worldwide – any given moment.

If your wife’s/girlfriend’s/children’s mobile phone was lost, out of battery, stolen, and they were involved in a serious car accident, possibly unconscious, having an EquipTrac GPS Vehicle Tracking device installed would give you the exact location to help law enforcement and first responders save your family from further harm.

Could you imagine if your wife was able to text you that her and your children were carjacked while you are 1,200 miles away from home? Would know what to do first? Would you know what to tell police? With a GPS Vehicle Tracker, you will have instant knowledge of vehicle location to tell police how to save the lives of the ones closest you.

Do you suspect your wife/girlfriend/teenage child is not doing what she/he says, not leaving when she/he says, not going where she/he says? Do you want to confirm or dismiss your suspicions? EquipTrac’s TK119 can be conspicuously installed in the dash of your vehicle, through professional installation, so your wife/girlfriend/teenager has no idea you are tracking their every move, regardless of their phone’s location or battery status.

EquipTrac OBDII GPS tracking device


EquipTrac GOT10 OBDII “Plug-N-Play”

Retail: $269.00 + Shipping

“For Truckers only” $155.00 

Includes device, SIM card, 1-year data service, no contract, overnight shipping

*professional installation not required



TK116 GPS Tracking Device


EquipTrac TK119 GPS Vehicle Tracker

Retail: $204.00 + Shipping

“For Truckers only” $115.00 

Includes device, SIM card, 1-year data service, fuel shutoff relay, no contract, overnight shipping

*professional installation recommended


To Qualify: we need the name and address of either Motor Carrier Company or Owner Operator Company name.

To Order: via email only (Please include full name, mailing address, phone number – we contact you to place “special order”)

Please visit our online store EquipTrac/Shop for descriptions and additional tracking devices.

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