GPS Fleet Management Solutoins

GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Posted on October 12, 2015 · Posted in fleet tracking software, GPS Fleet Management Solution, GPS Tracking

Using GPS technology to increase fleet efficiency

By: Sean Kimbrough, October 2015

Today’s business owners and fleet managers heavily rely on GPS technology to locate, direct and analyze a wide variety of day-to-day fleet operations. From optimizing route deliveries to evaluating driver behavior, from fuel economy to real time tracking, GPS fleet management solutions are becoming standard issue as part of today’s business operation. That usefulness is also creating new and inventive ways of using GPS technology to create better efficiencies in the workplace.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system that utilizing satellites to locate vehicles anywhere on Earth. It was originally developed by the United States Defense Department at an unknown cost. The first such satellites were launched in 1979. Shortly thereafter, the system was available for non-government applications. As of November 2013, there were 31 GPS satellites in operation around the planet.

Following are a few functions of GPS Fleet Management Solutions:

Fleet Tracking

When operating a fleet of vehicles, it is imperative to know where your vehicles are located at all times. Monitoring vehicle location in real time ensures your company vehicles are where they are supposed to be at the appropriate time of day. Changes in delivery/arrival status can be relayed to customers instantly helping your company keep customers satisfied with consistent, on-time schedules. Redirecting assets to immediate needs or emergencies becomes as easy as viewing vehicles on the SaaS dashboard and redirecting drivers to appropriate location for assistance. Fleet management software offers additional advantages like lower insurance premiums, fuel efficiency, lower maintenance expenses and lower employee overtime pay through cost effective GPS technology.

Driver Behavior

Companies that implement and embrace their fleet wide GPS management system see better driver retention, driver acceptance and improved driving behavior which all leads to increased efficiency. Poor driving habits such as hard braking, too much acceleration from complete stop, highway speeding, all contribute to wasted money through unnecessary wear and tear, increased fuel usage and moving violations. Companies that use their GPS management system as a reward/punishment opportunity for drivers, see improved driver participation rather than driver’s viewing it as “big brother” micromanaging their daily activity.

With modern technology, it is not difficult or expensive to monitor the efficiency of your drivers. By taking a few more simple steps, you can reward drivers who are driving efficiently, and give less-efficient drivers an incentive to improve. Post a prominent leaderboard in a common area where all of your drivers will see it every day. Offer daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly awards to your most efficient drivers. Most drivers enjoy the competition, and will develop a good-natured rivalry that benefits the company in the end.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Stolen commercial vehicles create an expensive problem. First and foremost is the expense of the vehicle. Second is the expense of replacing tools/merchandise/goods that were in the vehicle. Third is being short a vehicle and a driver with nothing to do. Fourth is filing an insurance claim. As fleet vehicles are stolen from time to time, when and if this happens to one of your vehicles, employing a GPS fleet management system can increase the chances of recovering that vehicle before any damage occurs.

Vehicle Diagnosis

When the information provided by your fleet GPS tracking system is integrated with a vehicle’s ECM (on board computer), vehicle efficiencies see dramatic increases. Data, such as RPMs, engine cooling conditions, transmission shifts, check engine notifications, can quickly be detected, analyzed and corrected before serious damage occurs. This allows companies to create proactive SOP’s (standard operating procedure) to address such issues before engine damage occurs, saving money on vehicle maintenance repairs. Combine these two sources of information, and you will have a powerful tool at your disposal.

This tool can alert your maintenance personnel to possible problems before they occur. If your engine is struggling in a particular RPM range, it may indicate a problem with your ignition system or transmission. If your engine is running hot, this may alert you to problems with the cooling system. A computer database can integrate all of this information into a sophisticated performance management tracking system. By alerting personnel to small changes in the efficiency of your vehicles, many malfunctions can be fixed before they cause extensive damage and require costly repairs.

Route Optimization

As a business owner, fleet manager, your largest expense, in relation to fleet operations, is fuel. Saving every drop becomes essential. GPS fleet management software allow fleet managers the ability to review delivery routes and find the most efficient available route at any given time of day. Heavy traffic areas, no truck routes, accidents can all be avoided saving time and fuel. Fleet managers can test routes against each other to find the most efficient. One that appears longer may actually save time. Time = Money

 Most GPS units offer the capability to arrange stops along routes When planning routes for your drivers, GPS technology can ensure that the routes are as efficient as possible. One large freight company even plans its routes to avoid left turns, so their trucks spend less time stopped at traffic lights.


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