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DOT Compliance for Drivers Simplified

Posted on August 27, 2015 · Posted in DOT Compliance

Driver Management, DOT Compliance regulations simplified with Driver ID

Sean Kimbrough August 27, 2015

Driver DOT Compliance

DOT Driver ID Compliance

On the off chance that there’s one thing a fleet manager needs, it’s a proficient and simple answer for the difficulties of driver administration. Staying informed concerning all drivers and vehicles, notwithstanding meeting full DOT driver compliance, can be hard to perform—particularly with an expansive fleet of vehicles. EquipTrac’s Driver ID is a practical answer to better deal with your drivers and vehicles, offering quick and simple setup and the far reaching driver administration tools to help you’re fleet, and your business, benefit.

The Driver ID Solution

The EquipTrac’s  driver ID arrangement starts with the Driver ID Reader. It’s installed directly into the dashboard of the vehicle, and all your driver needs to do is jump in, turn on the ignition, and afterward touch their ID Key to the ID Reader. The driver administration program handles the rest. Driver ID corresponds with your EquipTrac software, where the driver ID is identified to the vehicle naturally. With Driver ID, you can stay away from physically appointing drivers to vehicles and deal with the aggravation of juggling vehicle assignments.

Advantages of Driver Management Software

Driver ID offers a single touch arrangement as a dependable strategy for following your drivers and vehicles. A blinking LED light or discretionary ringer will remind the driver to check their ID Key on the off chance that they neglect to do so, and the programmed upgrades to your EquipTrac software will notify the administrator of any unapproved vehicle utilization. This permits fleet administrators to effectively stay informed concerning driver assignments of vehicles and easily recognize issues as they emerge. With Driver ID’s programmed and a productive software framework, there’s no compelling reason to micromanage drivers. This gives them a chance to concentrate on what they specialize in driving.

Also, EquipTrac’s driver administration software empowers fleet administrators to:

  • Effortlessly screen hours of operation
  • Manage fuel use
  • Check driver speed
  • Access driver and vehicle records for audit and investigation reports
  • Use roadside help at no extra cost

Keeping up DOT Compliance Requirements

When it comes to fleet administration, DOT compliance is everything. Driver ID is an essential part of an agreeable fleet management system. A study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) observed that vehicles furnished with electronic logs had a diminished rate of driving-related hours-of-service incidences. Driver ID consistently exchanges execution of information to your driver administration software, with no extra equipment needed. The stream of data permits you to effectively screen different driver variables making it easy to keeping up with DOT compliance while following driver execution, guaranteeing security out and about on the road.