Dallas GPS Tracking Provider

Dallas GPS Tracking Provider

Posted on June 27, 2016 · Posted in GPS Tracking

Established in 2015, EquipTrac is locally owned and operated Dallas GPS Tracking Provider offering personal and commercial vehicle devices. Our business model is simple, initially offer inexpensive, simple, but effective devices with online tracking from China. As our customer base grows along with demand for more robust features and devices, we will begin to look at different options. One thing that will not change is our commitment to customer needs through direct relationships. We like to talk to our customers, get to know your needs and how we can solve your GPS tracking problems.

Following our business model, we will never ask you to sign a contract or multi-year agreement. Once the device and service is purchased, you own it along with one year of service. If it does not meet your needs or expectations simply do not renew the service. If EquipTrac is solving your GPS problem, just keep renewing the service – simple.

Because EquipTrac is a Dallas, TX company, we like to focus our efforts to the DFW Metroplex. DFW has a lot to offer in the amount of personal GPS tracking needs, commercial fleet management, and transportation industry requirements. Why play down the street when you have a playground in your backyard? We don’t offer a solution to everyone’s problem, but we offer enough solutions to enough problems to enjoy our own slice of the big GPS pie.  Not to say we won’t work with customers outside the DFW area, we just like to keep it local, if possible.

EquipTrac’s GPS devices come with a factory 1-year warranty. If it stops working and we can’t seem to get it back online, we will replace it free (does not include removal or reinstallation). After the factory 1-year warranty expires and the device does not operate properly, we will replace it FOR FREE. No hassle, not a lot of questions, simply replace it with a new device. That’s our commitment to customer satisfaction. SHOP our inventory HERE

We know competition in the GPS market is tough. Dallas alone has at least 4 large GPS providers along with several smaller companies all selling the same product – GPS devices and web based tracking. So, for EquipTrac to compete, we have to get you in the door with our pricing, keep you in the door with our 1-on-1 service commitment.

My name is Sean Kimbrough, owner/creator of EquipTrac. Let me earn your GPS Tracking business and prove I stand behind our business model.

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