About Us

What is EquipTrac?

EquipTrac is a startup Asset Tracking & Management Software provider. We utilize the latest 3G mobile hardware technology combined with feature rich software giving you a fully integrated solution for any fleet size and operation.

In a nutshell – we opened our doors to offer the latest/greatest features and benefits of GPS asset management at a fraction of today’s typical cost – with NO CONTRACTS!

What does that mean to you Operations Executive, Fleet Manager, President…Big Dog?

  • Lower operational cost – increased profits
  • Feature rich software – same as “big boy” competition
  • Easy to use interface – speed up “learning curve” for all users
  • Proven technology – trust that our SaaS works and will here in the future

Just like your company started off day 1 making a promise to deliver to that first customer in order to build and grow into the company you are today. EquipTrac is at that stage, looking to grow into the customer oriented GPS Asset Tracking Company we want to be.

Thank you for considering EquipTrac for your asset management and tracking needs,