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5 Characteristics of Highly Effective Operations Managers

Posted on September 8, 2015 · Posted in Managers

And you thought your job was tough…

Sean Kimbrough September 8, 2015

Behind each well-run fleet of vehicles is a competent operations manager. The importance of this position should not be taken lightly. An incredible operations manager can conceivably spare an organization millions of dollars each year. This is the reason operations managers need to be seen as a vital member of a company’s revenue generating strategy. Yet, what sort of individual makes a powerful chief?

The position calls for an interesting mix of administrative aptitude, critical analysis and business acumen.

Below are five exceedingly powerful characteristics of a successful operations manager:

  1. Vital Planner

Operations Management is crucial to keeping expenses low and efficiency high. An all-around, well-built and fully executed management plan will try to efficiently integrate all parts of the supply chain and utilize benchmarks to track progress. From vehicle purchasing and replacement, to driver preparation and vendor selection, an operations manager is required to make high level, strategic decisions that can drastically affect the company’s bottom line.

  1. Multi-Tasker

Think it’s difficult to keep various tasks on schedule? What about keeping a hundred vehicles on track? Operations management is about successfully multi-tasking, verifying drivers conform to all regulations, suppliers are putting forth the best value, deliveries are scheduled in the most cost efficient manner, and assets receive proper repairs and maintenance at the right time, at the right location. Also, bear in mind, about fulfilling internal customer needs as well as answering to upper management.

  1. Trailblazer

An operations manager, more than likely, is dealing with the company’s multi-million dollar inventory and with that responsibility comes the requirement for a superior approach to do things. Is the organization utilizing the right suppliers, are the vehicles adequate, are there new innovations that would drive down general expenses? Continually posing these questions and looking for answers to issues that senior management didn’t even know existed, makes fleet assets more productive and the manager more valuable.

  1. Capacity to Manage Up

Regardless of how great an operations manager is whether or not he or she is great at telling senior management what’s going on can bring about issues for everybody. A compelling operations manager keeps senior management educated on inventory execution, new regulations, budget requirements, and new concerns.

  1. Ability to Implement Effective Policies

Being able to design and execute effective policies is a vital characteristic of successful operations managers. Key approaches that have accountability throughout the supply-chain, from drivers to executives, can maintain expenses and dramatically affect a company’s bottom line. For example, an operations manager who reduces annual inventory expenses by just $50,000 generates the equivalent of $500,000 in sales, if a company operates at a 10% net profit margin.

EquipTrac’s fleet management solutions can help managers more effectively meet the demands of their job. Not only by tracking asset’s locations but also by analyzing driver behavior, reporting engine diagnostics for scheduled repairs and cutting down on idle times can all add to more cost effect operations making the manager’s role a little more…manageable.

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